Just ask the locals about New York City

Just ask the locals” is the theme of New York City’s new tourism campaign. It features area celebrities doling out advice to make visitors feel welcome. Tiki Barber suggests a bite at the Mediterraneo Restaurant, while Jimmy Fallon recommends Pete’s Tavern. Heck, those B-listers seem harmless enough, and we could run into Bill Parcells and Tina Fey! The real prize is Robert De Niro, whose inclusion makes me flash on his “You talkin’ to me?” psycho-killer turn in Taxi Driver. His armed-to-the-teeth character wanted to “wash all the scum off the streets” of New York. It’s not the most welcoming image, though if a gun-wielding Travis Bickle told me to get my ass into a particular restaurant, I’d damn well go.

—Posted by David Gianatasio