Just About Every Brand Wants a Slice of Pi Day

A few nods to math, a few real tangents

If you've spent 3.14 seconds on Twitter or Facebook today, you probably know that it's March 14, or 3/14, or Pi Day. 

Ah yes, Pi Day, celebrating a mathematical constant, a number with way too many decimal places, a number used to calculate the diameter, radius and circumference of a circle.

It's also a number that seems to inspire brands to create a wide range of pi/pie-related social media updates. From the obvious pizza and bakery brands to the slightly more tangential tech brands, there's been quite a bit of fun and questionably topical output on social media today.


AT&T commendably tied its post back to actual science education:


Bing got pretty serious with its decimal dedication:


And even Red Bull was true to the math:


But a lot of brands just wanted to cover Rebecca Black's "Friday:"


Then there was a lot of the usual branded oddness:

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