JPMorgan Learns It’s Hard to Hold a Twitter Q&A If Everyone on Twitter Hates You

'Back to the drawing board'

The Internet not only doesn't forget, it will slap you around if you pretend it does. JPMorgan Chase, which has racked up more than $30 billion in fines and legal fees, announced a Twitter chat earlier this week—a Q&A with JPMorgan vice chairman Jimmy Lee.

The response was immediate, vast and hysterical.

It's a touch reminiscent of last year's #McDStories debacle. McDonald's had started that hashtag with the hope that its followers would share nostalgic stories about Saturday-afternoon Happy Meals with their grandparents. Yeah, no.

JPMorgan has responded to the #AskJPM backlash with a simple, straightforward tweet that was just short of saying, "That Q&A? LOL, please disregard."

Via Fast Company.

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