Jonah Hill’s Brilliantly Awkward Sneaker Ad Might Be His Best Act Yet

Hush your gums and buy the trainers

Jonah Hill may have perfected the art of the intentionally awful ad.

The Hollywood star anchors this two-minute infomercial for London-based skateboarding brand Palace. The video—by MPC Creative and directors Lev Tanju, Stuart Bentley and Stuart Hammond—packs in as much awkward humor as possible, complete with bad dubs, cheesy green screening and batshit rambling sales pitches. 

The centerpiece is an upcoming sneaker collaboration between the shop and "some sportswear company called Reebok"—or "Ree-boke," as Hill hilariously pronounces it. 

Setting aside the lengthy bleeped-out portions of his praise for the shoes, they are, in his cleaner description, like "having the most amazing sex with a rare white tiger on your birthday, and it's also his birthday as well." In other words, they're pretty OK. 

Palace is a popular fixture in the skating community, to which Hill is actually connected, as well as in celebrity fashion circles. The video's irreverent tone is in keeping with the brand's voice, and Hill's acting chops serve it well; he is cringe-inducingly, rivetingly bad, yet somehow deft at the same time.

The onscreen copy also isn't to be missed, including gems like "Hush your gums and buy the trainers." And in case Hill's lewd hand gestures don't seal the deal, there are the shoes themselves—so fresh that they appear in a flash of pixie dust. 

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