Jolt set for twitchy, overcaffeinated comeback

What self-respecting student with a midterm exam the next morning did not drink Jolt cola in the ’80s? Well, step aside, Gen Y, with all your Red Bulls and Rockstars. Jolt, the “caffeine machine,” the mother of all energy drinks, is back. The company plans a relaunch that will feature the caffeine drink in a new “battery bottle”—a resealable aluminum can. (That sounds like quite a step up from the retro can shown here, although who needs to reseal Jolt? Don’t you just open it and chug?). Experts say Jolt may have a good chance of grabbing back some of the $3 billion U.S. market from all the other energy drinks because it was the first one out there making a name for itself. Also check out Captain Jolt, a 41-episode comedy/science fiction cartoon created by one major Jolt fan.

—Posted by Celeste Ward