John Malkovich Makes a Pretty Damn Good Vampire in This Fun French Ad

Sink your teeth into Buzzman's spot

John Malkovich plays a vampire in this amusing, cinematic spot from Buzzman promoting French streaming video service Canal Play. His character is also a bank manager. The fangs work either way.

You don't need to understand French to get the message: This toothy dude loves movies and TV shows, and Canal Play delivers them via mobile or desktop.

The Oscar-nominated actor's bald pate, pale complexion and powerful yet goofy presence lend themselves well to his prince of darkness portrayal, though he seems to have no qualms about stalking around in broad daylight. What joie de vivre! Or perhaps, joie de la mort!

His résumé includes Shadow of the Vampire, an art-house/horror hybrid from more than a decade ago, though he didn't play a Nosferatu in that one.

Canal properties have produced some notable ads, most famously "The Bear," a 2012 Cannes Grand Prix winner from BETC. The new 90-second spot doesn't quite rise to those comic heights. Still, a campy script, glossy effects and the star's idiosyncratic turn really bring this sucker to life.