JetBlue now tormenting folks on the ground

Rogue flight attendant Steve Slater would probably approve of JetBlue’s new credo: “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.” The carrier’s first ads from Mullen use hidden cameras in Manhattan to illustrate the point. See one spot below, and four more after the jump. In one, a cabbie crushes his passengers’ legs by pushing his seat all the way back. In another, a street vendor dispenses tiny cups of soda to flummoxed customers who paid for a whole can. What’s the big deal? New York service people always behave that way. As for the guy in the crowded elevator who pisses off riders by pushing all the buttons, well, in the building where I work, I’m that guy. (If you don’t like it, take the stairs.) In the best new JetBlue spot, CEO Dave Barger rides though a terminal’s X-ray machine to demonstrate “transparency.” Those who’ve suffered maddening delays and lost baggage probably wish they’d radiate him a couple hundred more times for good measure. And can they fry Air New Zealand’s suggestive squirrel while they’re at it? Oh, never mind. He’ll probably end up on the in-flight menu.

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