JetBlue, Mullen now messing with Jets fans


JetBlue and Mullen's current campaign shows that things people put up with in air travel wouldn't fly in other walks of life. This is obviously true, such as the TSA groping. Its latest effort drives home the point that you expect control over your entertainment. It chose to highlight this by having an intrepid actress play a bartender at a New York City bar filled with Jets fans. She turns the televisions to Steel Magnolias in the middle of a Jets game, eliciting a predictably insane reaction from patrons. It's an interesting comparison, although I think it misses the mark. People at a bar rarely have control over what's being shown there. This bar chose to show the Jets game, not another game or a movie. I thought the whole point of JetBlue's DirecTV service—where each person picks what they want to watch—is the opposite.