Jesus fetus putting the ‘Christ’ in Christmas, a Christian charity that develops ad campaigns for local churches, is decking the halls with the ultimate article of Christmas cheer: ultrasound photos of baby Jesus! See the full ad after the jump. Continuing the “Christmas starts with Christ” ad campaign it started last year, the group’s 2010 poster is an ultrasound image of the Christ child, complete with halo. Would that even show up in the scan? “He’s on His way,” reads the copy. They’ve also got some radio ads coming, one of which features an answering-machine message from Joseph. These ads aren’t nearly as overbearing as they could have been, and they’ll probably get lost in the glut of marketing detritus that haunts this time of year. So, pass me some eggnog and I’ll thank whoever needs thanking that they didn’t put Mary’s legs in the stirrups for the posters this year.