Jessica Simpson Flaunts Slim Figure for Weight Watchers but Says She’s Happy at Any Size

'A work in progress'

If 2014's battle cry for women is "Love who you are" (see all the "real women" campaigns out there), then weight-loss brands need to tread lightly in their marketing. Weight Watchers has done that in a body-positive way with its new spot from McCann New York featuring Jessica Simpson.

The opening lines are a hit. "This body made two amazing little human beings. I love this body and what it's capable of, no matter what size," she says.

Simpson looks stunning (in an LBD, of course), healthy and happy as she goes on to say: "My life, like my body, is a work in progress." Diet plans, of course, aren't really about loving who you are. Still, big ups to Weight Watchers for creating an ad that's relatable and inspiring without putting anyone down or making any claims about how women should or shouldn't look.

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