Jessica Frech Not Quite as Lovable Singing for Hyundai

YouTube star's spot is downright grating

Singer-songwriter Jessica Frech had a viral hit earlier this year with her ode to the People of Walmart, which has been viewed more than 4.6 million times. So, it's no surprise she'd be snatched up for a musically themed ad by a major brand like Hyundai, which has launched several new spots featuring YouTube stars. What is surprising is that the result is so very annoying. It's basically an old-school jingle, but without the addictive hook. You can't really blame the agency, Innocean, because Frech says she was in charge creatively from beginning to end. "Hyundai asked us to produce and record the music, come up with the video idea for the commercial, and then finally edit the commercial as we would for one of our (weekly YouTube) song challenges," she says. Reaction in the YouTube comments so far has been quite positive, but that's likely because her loyal fans were the first to offer feedback. The mainstream public might be a bit less into it. Hyundai's other two spots featuring YouTube personalities are underwhelming but less grating, so feel free to check out those after the jump. Hat tip to my friend Jeff.