Jesse Dylan’s really bad TV commercials

So far, Jesse Dylan, son of a certain legendary musician, has demonstrated some aptitude for directing commercials (from high-fashion Tommy Hilfiger and Barneys spots to the high-concept spot with the pantomime bear at the beach and the Nino Rota music) but little feel for movies (How High, the execrable American Wedding). He gets to do both in his latest project, the Universal Pictures feature film Kicking & Screaming—which includes intentionally bad TV spots for a sporting-goods chain owned by a Great Santini-like character played by Robert Duvall. As if to demonstrate the ineptitude of local spotmeisters, Duvall’s (and later Will Ferrell’s) acting is particularly stiff, the editing clunky, the effects cheesy and the double entendre—a tagline in which Duvall, and later Ferrell, smirkingly proclaim that they “have balls”—unlikely and needlessly rating-threatening. Judging by a Los Angeles screening, even kids find that tag too obvious to laugh at. Numerous soccer balls to the crotch on the field of play, meanwhile, did draw the intended titters.

—Posted by Gregory Solman