Jennifer Lopez Still Trying to Convince You She Drives a Fiat

Tools around the Bronx in second spot

She's just Jenny from the block? Come on, no one believes that. And you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks Jennifer Lopez actually drives a teeny-tiny $20,000 Fiat. She's got toe rings that cost that much. But here she is, back behind the wheel of the Chrysler brand's convertible 500 Cabrio, tooling through the Bronx, her wistful voiceover describing the ways she's embedded in this 'hood and vice versa. Like the commercial before it, which was basically an excerpted music video from her first single, this Fiat spot from ad agency Doner serves as a promo platform for J.Lo's new record, Love? Her song "Until It Beats No More" serves as the soundtrack. The automotive press reacted none too kindly to the initial ad, but Fiat's chosen a music-tinged marketing approach and somehow sees J.Lo as a fitting shill, at least for now. Chrysler, the flagship brand, did find a powerful match of artist and brand with Eminem in the Emmy-winning "Born of Fire" Super Bowl spot, but this J.Lo campaign pales in comparison even as it tries to imitate. But as she says, "This is my world." We just live in it.