Jennifer Aniston starring in ad, not sex tape

The luddite Jennifer Aniston turns in a winning performance in this new Glacéau Smartwater spot, even though the premise is pretty stale. She is joined by Keenan Cahill, Paul "Bear" Vasquez, dancing babies and other Internet stars—who are on hand to help her make the video go viral (or in her words, "turn it into a virus"). In the interest of goosing video views, Aniston also agrees to kick a guy in the balls and to call the video "Jen Aniston's Sex Tape." (Unfortunately, they don't follow through on the latter, maybe because YouTube doesn't allow it.) It turns out Keenan Cahill and Jennifer Aniston are an even more outlandish pair than Keenan Cahill and a singing unicorn—though of course, a Keenan Cahill/Jennifer Aniston sex tape would indeed out-traffic them all. Agency: Zambezi.

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