Jennifer Aniston Reveals All, Including Huge Triplets-Filled Belly, in Smartwater Ad

A step up for the Glacéau brand

This is better from Smartwater. The Glacéau water brand has used Jennifer Aniston for some time—finally they've produced a piece of content together that feels somewhat fresh. Once again, the premise isn't revolutionary—the video, from ad agency AR New York, purports to show "jennifer aniston security tapes" from cameras around her house. But it gives the actress room to be funny—and she can be very funny—without having to wedge herself into an overcrowded scene like the previous spot, in which Keenan Cahill, Paul "Bear" Vasquez, dancing babies and other Internet stars tried to help her make the video go viral. (Her print ads have been pretty blah as well, although anything with Aniston topless will do well in spite of itself.) In the new clip, the faux-pregnant Aniston—she's expecting triplets!—is upstaged only by the dark-curly-haired Aniston at the end. It all just feels less manufactured overall, and much more entertaining as a result.

      Director Alek Keshishian shot the spot during a single-day shoot in Malibu. "Addressing all the tabloid rumors felt like a compelling and humorous idea," he says. "Because Aniston was brave enough to go for it, I was especially careful to make sure she always felt part of the creative process. After all, this was her life we were poking fun at. … We focused on the most prominent rumors out there, and took them to their most logically absurd conclusion. Sensational celebrity gossip is so ubiquitous, and addressing it in a humorous way felt like a perfect vehicle to get multiple views for Smartwater while creating a sense of empathy for both Aniston and the brand."

     Credits below the spot.


Advertising Agency: AR New York

Chief Creative Officer: Raul Martinez

Executive Creative Director: David Israel

Executive Producer: Helaina Buzzeo

Director of Client Services: Jason Garcia

Account Director: Kristen Opalach

Production Company: Station Film

Director: Alek Keshishian

Executive Producer: Michael Di Girolamo

Executive Producer, Producer: Caroline Gibney

Unit Production Manager: Leanne Amos

First Assistant Director: Anthony Dimino

Director of Photography: James Whitaker

Art Director: Gary Matteson

Editing Company: Cosmo Street

Editor: Tessa Davis

Executive Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias

Producer: Patty Paz

Assistant Editor: John Bradley

Post Effects Company: Arsenal FX

Visual Effects Supervisor: Lauren Mayer-Beug

Visual Effects Executive Producer: Ashley Hydrick

Visual Effects Producer: Pravina Sippy

Flame Artists: Mark Leiss, Terry Silberman

Computer Graphics Artist: David Hyatt

Design Artist: Nathan Boldman

Roto Artist: Crystal Strait

Sound Company: Beacon Street Studios

Sound Designer, Mixer: Paul Hurtubise

Producer: Caitlin Rocklen