Jell-O's Jigglevision Lets You Send Secret Messages to Friends

Snack lid serves as decoder

Jell-O's new "Jigglevision" social campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky is not quite as titillating as it sounds. You write a brief message on the brand's Facebook app using various "Jigglevision" patterns as camouflage, then share the note with friends via email or social media. Recipients decode the message by reading it through a red Jell-O gelatin snack lid. Just like they do at the NSA! Integrating social and real-word elements is cool, in theory. But if someone sent me a Jell-O jiggle-message, my first and last thought would be: #FML. Also, needing a Jell-O lid to play implies that you have to actually buy some product. Come on, that's not what social media is about! Kids will probably love this modern spin on a throwback idea (assuming they don't make a sticky mess of the computer), but to me it just feels a little insubstantial. Then again, given the product, what did I expect?