Jell-O Rubs Pudding in the Wound for 49ers Fans

Free snacks handed out in San Francisco as Super Bowl consolation

Hey, San Francisco, are you ready for some PUDDING?! No, really, are you? Because Kraft's Jell-O Pudding plans to send thousands of free cups of the stuff your way today as a consolation prize in the wake of the 49ers' Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens. "Nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of Jell-O," explains a brand spokesman in a promotional clip, quoting Vince Lombardi, or possibly someone else. San Franciscans with free time can visit for details of drop sites and times. Those with even more free time can download the Baltimore Blocker, a Chrome extension that "will replace all words and images related to Baltimore with things you'd much rather see. Like puppies." (Though that really just seems like a good way to make Niners fans start to hate puppies.) Wheaties: Breakfast of champions. Jell-O Pudding: Food for losers