Jell-O Cube Dances in Time With Your Favorite Songs

CP+B app keeps the beat

Kraft has released a free app for the iPhone and iPad, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, that lets users watch a cube of Jell-O bust moves to their favorite tunes. The app uses an audio analyzer to detect a song's rhythm and energy level—which allows the Jell-O to dance in time with the music. Crank up the volume! "Friday, Friday, gettin' down on Friday…" Whoa, yeah! Just look at that crazy blob jiggle and slide! Shake it to the left, then right . . . up, down, and all around! Flip, flop, wiggle, waggle! That was awesome. Now, it's time to pull down my shirt, give my belly a rest and download that Jell-O app. Too much pudding, that's my problem.