Jeeves takes Thanksgiving break

Jeeves_balloon1_2Whither Jeeves? The Ask Jeeves mascot has endured a rough few months. IAC/InterActive Corp. honcho Barry Diller, who bought Ask Jeeves in March, has spoken darkly of offing Jeeves over the last few months, most recently calling him “a fat butler.”  Jeeves has soldiered on, cheerily greeting searchers at and awaiting his date with destiny with a characteristically stiff upper lip. Now, in another snub, it turns out Jeeves’ balloon likeness won’t float down Broadway in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which it has several times since 1999, including last year. Contacted about this, Ask Jeeves officials insisted nothing is amiss, saying his absence was merely because he doesn’t have the “anchor” status of heavy-hitters like Ronald McDonald and Big Bird, which appear every year. Maybe. But with Barry sharpening the knives, it stands to reason that Jeeves won’t return to the parade, which begs the question of how IAC will dispose of a 70-foot inflatable butler. No listings on eBay— yet.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey