Jeep campaign in a katrillion little pieces?

Since already used the “if you think X should happen, turn to page Y” joke in connection to this story, I’ll just get straight to the point: Chooseco LLC is suing DaimlerChrysler, claiming the latter’s “Choose your adventure” spots for Jeep (see one here) pervert the spirit of adventure and opportunity found in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books put out by the Vermont-based publisher. Not that DaimlerChrysler is worried. “Obviously, they’re looking for money,” says spokesman Jason Vines, noting that his company has “offered to link our site, which gets 9 katrillion times more traffic, to their site.” How’s that for a conciliatory tone? I think we’ll let a judge decide how many katrillions are involved. Or if katrillion is even a number, for that matter.

—Posted by David Kiefaber