Jcpenney Gets All Patriotic With Its New Logo

Square design reminds customers to 'frame the things they love'

Resist the urge to salute as you admire jcpenney's spanking new logo, a lovely red square with a superimposed blue square that's intended to evoke JCP's proud American heritage and commitment to treat customers "fair and square." (Ha! It's a pun, get it?) In a statement, the company adds: "The new jcpenney logo, which combines the elements that have made jcpenney an enduring American brand, by evoking the nation's flag and jcpenney's commitment to treating customers Fair and Square. The square frame imagery will be evident throughout all of jcpenney's marketing, to remind customers to frame the things they love." I think it's a good change from one of the worst logos of 2011. The last logo (at left) was designed by graphic design student Luke Langhus from the University of Cincinnati. His entry, while it may have been the best of the 200 submissions, was just plain bland. The new version is simple, modern, iconic, and harkens back to that old ugly red square they hauled around for a few decades that we all still remember. The logo change is accompanied by a new ad campaign from Mother New York, launching Feb. 1, which includes the teaser spot below and a "No Meter" that frustrated shoppers can scream into on the Facebook page. Now, JCP, you can turn your attention to selling better clothes.