JC Penney horrified/thrilled over fake spot

Surprising almost no one, the JC Penney spot with the two horny teens practicing speed-dressing in preparation for interrupted make-out sessions, which won a bronze Lion at Cannes last week, isn’t really from JC Penney. The chain’s CMO tells The Wall Street Journal: “We’re very disappointed that our logo and brand position were used in that way.” Sure you are. All the extra ink is just killing you. Penney blames Saatchi & Saatchi, which blames the spot’s Cannes entrant, Epoch Films. Saatchi should hire whomever did create the spot, because it’s more compelling than anything the agency’s done lately. This comment on Gawker sums it up best: “JC Penney ought to be thanking their lucky stars they got a tiny dollop of relevancy.” I also suspect that the naked Crisco wrestling ad from Crisco is a fake. The Hitler look-alike and speed metal on the soundtrack are dead giveaways. As for Cannes, once again, I didn’t get to go. And I never had sex in a basement as a teen, slathered in Crisco or otherwise.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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