Jamie Lee Curtis goes to bat for Activia

How oddly appropriate that Jamie Lee Curtis, the aging "scream queen" who helped upset the stomachs of a generation in gory horror hits from the ’70s, is starring in a new campaign for Dannon’s Activia that “encourages Americans to think, talk and care about digestive health.” In the past, the brand’s commercials have been downright bizarre. This new spot is almost shockingly sedate (Curtis talks right into the camera), though it does maintain the penchant for oddly off-kilter elements with the ugly green sofa and that slap-happy “Ac-TIV-i-AHH!” jingle. (Look out, Jamie Lee! The killer’s hiding under the couch! And he’s constipated!) Activia was last spotted on the receiving end of a deceptive advertising lawsuit. The complaint contends that Activia and DanActive are “ordinary yogurt” and asks Dannon to issue $300 million in refunds. Hopefully Curtis got paid upfront. Remember the last scene in Halloween, when Donald Pleasance looks outside for Michael Myers, only to find … BAM! It’s still cool 30 years later.