James Franco Is Saved From Certain Death by a Quick-Thinking Droid Turbo

But don't try this at home

The new Droid Turbo is so fast that when James Franco falls off the roof at a party, he can use the Motorola phone to find the nearest safe landing, calculate the best route there and text his date to meet him at the bottom—all before he crashes through an awning into a dumpster and dusts himself off.

So says this Verizon ad from mcgarrybowen, which features James Franco because James Franco is a cool guy everybody knows. He's great with the ladies, too. The whole reason he goes over the edge in the first place is to rescue the red scarf of a damsel, because that's the kind of guy James Franco is. He succeeds, obviously. If you get a Droid Turbo like James Franco, you'll be great with the ladies, too.

That is unless maybe you're the James Franco who's married to novelist Gary Shteyngart. Or the James Franco who's lobbying for a movie starring James Franco to get an Oscar. Or the James Franco who's getting punched in the face, or directing a jeans commercial, or talking about how great it is be James Franco in an ad for Motorola rival Samsung's Galaxy tablet.

Or, if you're the kind of James Franco who's not into selling out, you could be the James Franco who posts an Instagram of yourself holding an iPhone 6 the same day your Motorola campaign launches. Oops.