James Franco Endorses ‘Consider This Sh*t’ Ads Aimed at Getting Him an Oscar for Spring Breakers

Won't happen

If this Oscar campaign for James Franco is successful, it could mark the first time a boobs-and-bongs flick gets anywhere near the uptight Academy Awards.

Franco, recently seen getting his handsome face punched in for a Comedy Central roast promo, is now the star of some "For your consideration" ads for Spring Breakers, a movie that most Academy voters likely (wisely) skipped. Even so, distributor A24 is asking them to "Consider this shit"—meaning, think about giving Franco a nomination for best supporting actor for his work as gun-toting, cornrow-wearing, rapper-drug dealer Alien. Critics called the flick misogynistic and leering, part sellout and satire, though most major reviews singled out Franco as a bright spot amid a bevy of bikini-clad former Disney babes.

Franco, who was previously nominated for 127 Hours, seems OK with the campaign, telling the Today show on Monday: "My favorite movie that I've done this year is 'Spring Breakers.' And they're doing an … Oscar campaign for it. … I wanted to put that out there for Harmony Korine, the director."

Maybe he could reprise the movie's musical number at the Oscars. Franco as Alien at a white grand piano singing a Britney Spears ballad with his girl posse dancing around in pink ski masks—that sure would bring the gangsta. And it would be more entertaining than his last trip to the show.