Jake Gyllenhaal nude ad not what it appears


The ladies, and surely not a few gents, have been getting all frothy over the ad above for the upcoming movie Love & Other Drugs, purporting to show Jake Gyllenhaal well on his way to becoming naked. But alas, it turns out it's a Photoshop job. Check out the original image after the jump. Not that Jake doesn't have the abs for this kind of thing—he would just rather not suffer through a photo shoot like this, apparently. This image follows the movie's official poster, also posted after the jump, showing Gyllenhaal and costar Anne Hathaway naked in bed, with a bunch of pillows making everything PG. That ad also prompted lots of soul searching, mostly due to Gyllenhaal covering his mouth with his hand. New York's Vulture blog, for one, had no fewer than 13 questions to ask about it. The movie itself is billed as a comedy-drama based on the non-fiction book Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman.