Jack in the Box is the butt of its own joke

Jack in the Box is taking aim at McDonald’s and Burger King’s angus burgers with a little juvenile humor—suggesting that viewers drop the “g” when they think of the word angus. (The spots don’t appear to be online, but the linked story has plot summaries.) I don’t know if Jack and its agency, Secret Weapon Marketing, have thought this strategy through. I now associate Jack in the Box—not McDonald’s or Burger King—with the unappetizing word (sans “g”), which is surely the last thing the client intended. And what’s up with Chairman Jack? The guy looks like a cross between the Wal-Mart smiley face and Rankin/Bass’s Snow Miser. Maybe he could fight the King and Hamburglar in a three-way death match. That would be an ad worth Jack. Or they could all just head to Cold Stone for some ice cream. UPDATE: See the spots here and here.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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