Jack Black’s failed first flirtation with TV

At first, I was happy just to have discovered this 1982 ad in which a young Jack Black sells Pit Fall for the Atari 2600. But then a friend turned me on to the cult phenomenon that is Black’s 1999 unaired TV pilot, Heat Vision and Jack. Black plays Jack Austin, a renegade astronaut who has become the smartest man on Earth. His sidekick is a motorcycle, Heat Vision, voiced by Owen Wilson. Adding to the star power of this Knight Rider satire was Ben Stiller, who directed the pilot. The real surprise is that the show was actually pretty great. And what do you know—here’s the full-length pilot on YouTube. And the Wikipedia entry says a screenplay is in the works. First, though, Black will need to wrap up this little slice of Oscar bait.

—Posted by David Griner