The IWearYourShirt Guy Is Selling Ads on Every Page of His Upcoming Marketing Book

Latest in a string of stunts

You know what would really improve books? Ads on every page! Classics like Wuthering Heights, War and Peace and A Tale of Two Cities tend to drag in the middle. Coupons for Quaker Chewy S'Mores Granola Bars would really brighten up those dull chapters where Heathcliff wanders the moors like a wuss.

Which brings us to the latest self-promotional marketing stunt from Jason Sadler. He's best known for building a business based largely on wearing corporate T-shirts, and was last spotted selling his last name for a year to in exchange for $45,000. Now, he's writing a book called "Creativity for Sale" and selling ads on each of its 200 pages.

An ad on page 1 costs $600. Each successive page is $3 less (page 2 costs $597, page 3 is $594, etc.). Also, the front and back covers are going for $20,000 and $10,000, respectively, and the front and back inside flaps are $5,000 each. The author is aiming for a pre-order date of May 15, 2014 (his 32nd birthday). The hardcover will retail for between $14 and $18, with the e-book version priced around $9.99.

Thirty pages were sold in the first 30 minutes after the project site launched today, along with the inside front flap, purchased by

"I'll be sharing stories and lessons I've learned while building innovative businesses," he says. "I'll share my struggles, mistakes and successes during the past five years of running and growing I'll talk about the exact things I did to take BuyMyLastName from an idea in a notebook to a full-fledged marketing auction website in a matter of weeks. I also have a list of creative people who are doing things they love and making money doing them that I'll showcase in the book. And, of course, I'll be talking about the SponsorMyBook project and how I looked at the process of writing and marketing a book in a completely unique way."

Dude, I've already taken your lessons to heart! In fact, if you want me to call you by your sponsored name here on AdFreak, it will be $5 per mention. Plus $4 for links to And no, I won't accept T-shirts as payment.