It’s getting a little too hot in these hot tubs


Brunner's self-consciously retro ads for Willow Creek Hearth and Leisure put the company's hot tubs in a frisky '70s context. See the ads here. One poster shows a hairy, dripping, masculine chest (I think it's a dude's, but the '70s could be confusing) and the headline, "Because you can only fit one woman in a Porsche." Another ad features ample cleavage (almost certainly female, probably not "real") with the text, "Lowers sperm count to the average male range." If that's not naugh-tay enough, there's the poster above. The work is rendered in unsubtle period fonts, colors and grainy photocompositions. With that much action in the tub, I just pray the water's chlorinated.

—Posted by David Gianatasio