It’s Dolph Lundgren’s Turn to Make a Comedic Comeback in an Ad

And he's brainier than you think, says NatGeo

Probably after seeing his Rocky IV nemesis Sylvester Stallone in all those Warburtons ads, Dolph Lundgren (or, if you prefer, Ivan Drago) has signed up for a commercial project of his own—the promo below for the TV show Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel.

It's a pretty good role for him, because while the Swedish actor is known mostly for his imposing physique, he's actually one of the smarter celebrities around.

"Nobody knows that I studied chemical engineering," he says in the ad, "or that I've got an IQ of 160. Or that I'm in Mensa." (All of which is true, by the way.)

Not than Lundgren is all nerd, either. 

"Dolph Lundgren put me in the hospital for four and a half days," Stallone said on The Tonight Show this week, referring to their Rocky IV bouts. "It was unbelievable. He hit me so hard in the chest that the next thing I knew I was on a low-altitude flight to intensive care at St. John's Hospital surrounded by four nuns."

The new season of NatGeo's Emmy-nominated Brain Games series, hosted by Jason Silva, premieres Feb. 14.