It’s all fun and games … until there’s a pesky $3 million revenue shortfall

A reader writes in: “I thought you might enjoy this fun little viral game campaign to promote the new Maconomy X, a solution that makes it very easy for people to register billable time.” An advergame about billing clients? How exciting. The game is called Catch Time—On Time. To score points, you click on office drones’ “work bars” when they’re at their most productive. (The office is supposed to be an ad agency, but the people work from 8 to 4, so it’s probably not.) The game is a bit of a snooze. The reader, who coincidentally happens to be a Maconomy employee, says it’s “very successful and seems to be travelling a vector to the right people like CEOs and CFOs in agencies and consulting companies.” Yes, no doubt John Wren is playing right now. At the very least, the ONDCP is probably keeping an eye out, looking for cheaters.

—Posted by Tim Nudd