It only gets worse for Washington state

I completely missed this while I was away last week. The AP reports that Seattle is being marketed (or humiliated, more like) with a new, single-word tourism slogan that reeks of 2002: “Metronatural.” The idea is that the city boasts a thriving metropolis and, a short drive away, plenty of natural wonder, too. You have to feel for these people, who’ve also had to put up with “SayWA,” Washington state’s slogan, for the past six months. Actually, the two phrases work together pretty well. Seattle: “We’re metronatural!” Rest of state: “SayWA?!” Unfortunately, “SayWA” has been dropped, says the AP, because (to put it mildly) “it failed to catch on.” That doesn’t stop people from bringing it up when asked to articulate their bitterness about “metronatural.” One tells the AP: “It’s ‘SayWA.’ No, wait, it’s worse than ‘SayWA!’” If that’s possible. [Thanks to Jesse for the e-mail.]

—Posted by Tim Nudd