It might not be terrible if Jack didn’t recover

In case you’re lucky enough to live in a media market that doesn’t have a Jack in the Box, here’s the chain’s local Super Bowl spot showing the freakish Jack character getting run down by a bus. Most of us hope he won’t recover. But since he was laid up in the ICU and unable to avail himself of a free Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday, he probably will. Kidding, of course. Denny’s rocks. Their eggs are hard as rocks, at any rate. As for Jack, well, there’s a Web site,, for updates on his progress as the brand looks to maximize its big-game appearance. My theory: That weasely assistant pushed him. He’s got a moustache and a cell phone, so he must be evil. You know, I’ve taken some shots at Denny’s this week, but I want to say for the record: Compared to Jack in the Box, the Big D serves up 5-star cuisine.

—Posted by David Gianatasio