It creeps, it leaps, and it tastes delicious!


It’s never too late to parody The Blob, at least not if you’re Frijj. For the unfamiliar (which included myself up until about 15 minutes ago), the British milkshake brand has launched a few ads poking fun at the legendary 1958 B-movie, aka Steve McQueen’s secret shame. The Web site, Four Ridges Must Be Destroyed, features a demented little girl who pours Frijj all over the fictional town of Four Ridges, but the drink is so thick and creamy that even the elderly can outrun their slow-churned fate. The larger campaign encourages consumers to upload their own horror movies using Frijj as a prop. An eight-minute montage of the best ones will be shown before films at a London film festival sponsored by Frijj. Entries don’t necessarily have to explain how a creepy pre-teen managed to horde enough Frijj to drown a small English village.

—Posted by David Kiefaber