It ain’t easy being the Greens

GreenWe thought the political-advertising season had come to an end—and mercifully so. But no. Here comes the Green Party with its first-ever advertising campaign—and what it calls “a cure for the Election 2004 hangover.”

The ad shown here, running in this morning’s New York Times, reads, in part: “Election fraud, job loss, low wages, the war in Iraq, expensive healthcare, air pollution, unsafe drinking water, poisonous chemicals in our food. … Aren’t you tired of their mess? … We have sensible solutions and we are implementing them locally every day, not just talking about them during election season.”

If you’re so inclined, you can see the Green Party’s full press release about the campaign here.

It makes sense—in a way—that the Greens would wait until after the smoke had cleared. They didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle. But a cure for the election hangover? Do we really want to look at another political ad right now? Isn’t this more like having the electorate do a tequila shot the morning after a long night out?

–Posted by Tim Nudd