This isn’t really a sale-ebration

This trend continues to get scarier. Following the guy who sold his forehead to SnoreStop and the ex-PeopleSoft creative team who are selling their services on eBay, here comes a copywriter from R&D ThinkTank in Dallas, who wrote to AdFreak to let us know he is selling his entire life on eBay. Why is this spike of people selling themselves reminding us of that 1973 Charlton Heston flick Soylent Green?

Now this guy, who goes by the name of Brian Thompson, appears to be doing it for art—his Web site says he wants to discover "the relationship between what we own and who we are." So, to that end, he’s been selling things like a lava lamp, a bowling pin and a copy of the best-selling The Daily Show with Jon Stewart presents America (The Book). We’d like Mr. Thompson to write back to us when he’s living under a bridge, stark naked.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor