Isaiah Mustafa hosting TBS funny-ads show

Think the 30-second spot is dead? Cable channel TBS does not agree, and intends, with more flourish this year, to draw an audience to watch an entire hour of advertising. There's been a weeding and thinning process, of course, and the network has come up with what it believes are the best and brightest from around the world for Thursday night's Funniest Commercials of the Year: 2010. Get ready for a whole passel of hamsters and a lot of loving shots of Isaiah Mustafa's pecs. In fact, the shirtless Old Spice guy is hosting this year's special. (Sorry, Kevin Nealon, but this is a vast improvement.) Even the promos have been good (see below), with Mustafa introducing himself as the "star of the commercial you wish your commercial could've been like." Expect to see Betty White, girls in bikinis (there are beer ads and international spots, after all) in what the New York Daily News dubs "a swift hour of mindless entertainment." Who couldn't use that right now?

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