Irritating ad star is obnoxiously good singer

An exceptionally irritating star of some U.K. ads has found the perfect brand extension for his bombastic talents: opera. The debut album of tenor Wynne Evans, called A Song in My Heart, just hit the top of the classical charts. You’d have to sell, what, six whole copies for that? Says Evans, probably at glass-shattering volume: “I’ve been on the opera scene for over 15 years, and this is definitely one of the most amazing moments of my career.” There are, what, about six people in that scene? He credits Mario Lanza as his inspiration. Well, duh … you can hear the influence every time he moans and bellows. (Mario who?) Check out Evans bursting from a sarcophagus and walkin’ like an Egyptian, while wearing a tux and sporting an outrageously waxed moustache, in the manic Go Compare commercial below. He portrays “Gio Compario,” a campy crooner who comes off like a psychotic Nathan Lane. The ads have twice been named the U.K.’s “most irritating.” And that’s about the best thing you can say about them. Look closely—I think there’s a secret profane message hidden among the hieroglyphs on the tomb wall. It reads: “These ads fucking suck.”