‘Iron Man’ almost looks great, and then …

With Marvel Comics slowly grinding out its entire portfolio for the big screen, you’d think at least one of its tertiary superheroes would surpass expectations and make for a hit. Could Iron Man succeed where Daredevil, Electra and Ghost Rider failed? (I’m talking quality here, so don’t remind me how many people forked over the cash to see Nicolas Cage’s head burst into flames.) The new trailer for Iron Man gave me a flicker of hope. Robert Downey Jr. (channeling Dennis Hopper) is instantly captivating as arms dealer Tony Stark, destined to become the title hero. But then my hope was dashed. It’s hard to say when. Oh wait, no it’s not. It happens exactly 1 minute and 27 seconds into the trailer. You know, when he comes out in a big robot suit and starts torching Al-Qaeda.

—Posted by David Griner