Irish radio station kills Lady Gaga in new ad

Those kooky, punny, violent Irish! They love bloodshed. But they don't love Lady Gaga. The pop priestess gets gruesomely murdered in a back alley in one of iRadio's new print ads from ad agency Bloom in Dublin. (See a larger image here, along with two other ads from the campaign.) The confusing headline, "Britney Spears Lady Gaga," is meant to be read as an action—i.e., Britney spears Lady Gaga. The stuff's not so much shocking or cheeky as grimly distasteful, and offers no compelling reason to tune in. (Adding to the confusion, you have to assume these are artists that iRadio doesn't play.) And anyway, why leave Britney alive? She might make another album, and no one wants that. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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