iPod, cell phone, to wed in public ceremony

Finally! As we gadget-hounds are already so burdened with carrying around separate cell phones, PDA, AND iPods, a solution has been found. There have been reports over the last few days that the ubiquitous iPod is about to mate with—yes, the cell phone. That Motorola in your pocket that already rings in an embarrassing Busta Rhymes song is about to store your whole musical library as well. This story indicates that Apple Computer and Motorola plan to release a cell phone equipped with iTunes, and the big unveiling is happening Sept. 7 in San Francisco. Microsoft’s Bill Gates predicted the death of the iPod, and something tells AdFreak that a sinister force of the universe conspired with him. OK, confession time: who remembers when a calculator watch was a hot, advanced piece of tech equipment?

—Posted by Celeste Ward