Invisible Subway Train Freaks Out Riders in This Great, Ghostly Ad Prank

Clever work from Shackleton

Here’s a freaky little ad stunt from Spanish agency Shackleton. The agency installed loudspeakers and hidden cameras in the busiest subway station in Madrid, and then played sounds that accurately reproduced those of an arriving train—the train approaching and braking, the doors opening and closing, the train leaving the station.

But the passengers couldn’t see it. “Just like a ghost!” the agency says.

See the rest of the stunt, including the advertiser, here:

The work won a silver Lion in Outdoor at Cannes last week.

Agency: Shackleton
Juan Silva: Executive Creative Director
Manuela Zamora: Audiovisual Production Manager
Lucía Angulo: General Manager
Cristina Cortizas: Agency Producer
Jaime Díez: Brand Director
Tasso Rodríguez: Account Executive
Manuel Echavarri: Copywriter
Pablo Sforza: Art Director
Jair Rodríguez: Account Executive
Paco Carpio: Editor

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