Introducing the new Playboy bunny outfit

Volkswagen, which has been using jokes about replicating bunnies in its “Rabbit is back” campaign, might be slobbering laciviously over this image of the brand-new Playboy bunny outfit. The Palms Hotel and Casino in Vegas has begun a recruiting drive for bunnies to work at its new Playboy Club, opening this fall, in print ads from Schadler Kramer Group. The outfit was designed by Roberto Cavalli. “It was not easy to reinterpret it,” Cavalli tells “It is such an iconic costume. I tried to do my best, especially because my fashion is very sexy. I love to make dresses for sexy women, and to make a dress for Playboy for me was really a dream.” Schadler Kramer’s ad will run in the August issue of Playboy. (Will some kind Volkswagen driver help a girl out?) Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out this humorous ad celebrating 31 years of Playboy in Brazil.

—Posted by Gregory Solman