Interviewing at BooneOakley Will Leave You Bruised and Battered

Makeup artist will help with a gory excuse

BooneOakley advertises for a senior writer in this cute clip starring creative chief David Oakley, who sympathizes with interviewees who have to make up stories to explain a day's absence to their current bosses. He introduces a professional makeup artist and assures viewers, "If we like your book well enough to fly you to Charlotte, Brenda will send you home with a perfectly acceptable, totally believable excuse for being out of the office." Brenda amusingly illustrates various graphic excuses for ditching work. Highlights include "Wouldn't you know it, ninjas" (as metal stars decorate a guy's blood-smeared face) and "Then I work up in a bathtub of ice" (we're treated to an organ-removal scar). The three folks who actually watched AMC's The Pitch might recall that BooneOakley CMO Greg Johnson missed some time when he had his gall bladder removed during the agency's losing quest for the PopChips account. Maybe Johnson was interviewing elsewhere and made use of Brenda's talents himself? Kidding, of course. Only two people watched The Pitch. As for this video, the sound was so bad that at times I could barely hear what Oakley was saying, and the white-text-on-a-light-background effect was tough to read, so the agency might consider adding a new producer while they're at it.

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