An interview with Jim Stengel’s avatar

Procter & Gamble’s Jim Stengel began his 4A’s presentation yesterday in Las Vegas with a visit to Leo Burnett’s virtual office in Second Life. AdFreak’s intrepid reporter, himself often mistaken for an avatar but in reality simply of Hungarian extraction, snagged this exclusive interview:
  AF: So, how do you like being an avatar?
  Stengel: It’s great! I’ve got a Second Life condo next door to Maurice Lévy. Did you know he’s got six heads and wings?
  AF: His avatar?
  Stengel: No, the real Maurice Lévy. (Strained silence) That’s a joke.
  AF: I don’t get it.
  Stengel: Avatar humor. Like … why’d the chicken-avatar cross the virtual road?
  (Frustrated AF reporter pulls power cord from socket.)
  Stengel: What are you doing … Dave? I’m losing my mind … losing my … Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true …
  (Stengel avatar crumples and gasps out one last word.)
  Stengel: R-o … R-o …
  AF: What? Rosebud? R.O.I.?
  Stengel:  … Roe-hm …
  (Stengel vanishes as AF reporter tosses microrecorder and press pass into the trash and heads for casino buffet.)
  [Photo: Art Beaulieu]

—Posted by David Gianatasio