Interscope Partnered with Giphy to Produce These Sublime GIFs for The 1975’s Latest Album

Alt rock on a visual loop

For the launch of The 1975's second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, Interscope worked with Giphy's artist community to create a few gorgeous GIFs—a nice boon, now that most of the social networks you care about support them. 

The album is a mellow alternative rock mix with a few peppy pop hits and stream-of-thought titles. It's pretty and a bit nostalgic, a feeling that's nicely conveyed in the GIFs below. (The one above was created by Signe Pierce, and is especially nice to look at while listening to the "Paris" track.)

Here's a GIF by Jenni Sparks:

Anna Sudit created the one below:

Lastly, a GIF by Chantal Caduff:

Interscope's official partner channel has more exclusive GIFs for other artists, which we also quite like.

The label's work with Giphy speaks to the role these moving vehicles of feeling have come to play in adding nuance to our online social identities, and have the added value of not feeling too marketeerish. Sometimes letting an image, and the resulting emotions, speak for themselves can naturally drive people to the product. (That's how we discovered half the TV shows we love—and this great LP, incidentally.)

If you're so inclined, score the music on iTunes and listen while watching (or even make your own!). The result can hardly be compared to watching The Wizard of Oz while playing Dark Side of the Moon, but it's a chill creative pause in the middle of the workday, which is always welcome.

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