Intelligent Popcorn Launcher Lobs Pieces Right Into Your Mouth

Best device ever made?

Oh, look—a voice-activated machine that pinpoints the exact location of your mouth, and then automatically lobs a piece of popcorn right into your gaping pie hole. It was invented so you can enjoy a popcorn snack while leaning back in your office chair without having to lift a single lazy finger. It uses audio technology that mimics the human ear to determine where to aim its tasty projectiles, which makes it even more like the popcorn lackey you always secretly dreamed of having, but also more tasteful, because it's a robot and not a person. It was invented, with help from the viral stuntmasters at agency Thinkmodo (who once made girls with iPad heads), to help Popcorn Indiana sell more popcorn. It will probably do that, too, simply because it is ridiculously awesome.

     UPDATE: Because it's advertising, it's also partly a lie. "The Popinator is real and it really shoots popcorn at people. Some of the technology is still being worked on and is still far from being perfect," confirms Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka. "For the video demo, the device was remote-controlled [rather than voice-activated]. The video was meant as a 'proof of concept.' However, [Popcorn Indiana] is now working on the voice activation and on the sound source location." In other words, the popcorn machine isn't nearly as cool as the video's smoke and mirrors make it appear.