Intel eyes doomsday play date with humans


This banner ad, running on and elsewhere and part of Intel's vaunted new "Sponsors of tomorrow" campaign, reveals the initiative for what it is: a fiendish plan by Intel-chip-powered robots to subjugate humankind by snatching kids from playgrounds. In the first image, we have some kids on a teeter-totter—bratty, perhaps, but flesh and blood just the same. There's some decidedly sinister copy about how Intel's playground "isn't like" ours. Then the youths are replaced by disembodied cybernetic arms. Intel's playground "isn't like" ours, all right. It's a heartless, high-tech holocaust where the machines rule and living beings wind up buried in a sandbox … or something. Our fate's unpleasant, that's for sure. And now we know the real reason Intel used "actors" to portray its engineers in the TV spots: The real ones have been replaced by cyborgs. Dig behind the lab if you want proof!

—Posted by David Gianatasio