Intel chips ‘set free’ inside the Mac

Appleintel1_1The new Intel logo enjoyed a nice coming-out party yesterday at the Macworld Conference & Expo, at which Steve Jobs and Intel’s Paul Otellini (dressed in what looked like a spacesuit—is that the standard Intel dress code?) unveiled the first Apple computers powered by Intel chips. See a Quicktime recording of the event here. More important, we hear that Jobs showed a cool new Apple/Intel ad. According to CNN, the commercial included the lines, “The Intel chip … for years has been trapped inside PCs, performing dull little tasks when it could have been doing so much more. Starting today, the Intel chip will be set free and get to live life inside a Mac. Imagine the possibilities.” We can’t find the ad online yet, but we’re still looking. UPDATE: OK, here it is. Kind of ho-hum, actually.

—Posted by Tim Nudd